As the Social Media Coordinator, it's my job here at Create the Ripple to support our outreach goals in an effective, efficient, and intuitive manner.  I strongly believe in the magazine, which is being produced, offering a real, raw, and honest outlet.  What you see come from this magazine is nothing short of amazing.  I am happy to be part of it.

Christina Giese

Social Media Coordinator

I am also the owner of LIFStyle Fitness - Live. Inspire. Fuel.  I offer in-person and at home based workout plans tailored to each individuals' needs.  I started my fitness journey over 3 years ago, having personally lost 33 lbs by focusing on my mental well being, nutrition, and leading a more active lifestyle.  After having 3 children, I found myself no longer confident with myself, my body and self image included.  I made the change for myself and have never looked back.  I feel younger, have more energy, and am showing my young boys that taking care of your body is important.  After All, it's the only one we get.


I also enjoy baking and cooking, arts & crafts, and dancing (although, I'm not very good) amongst other things.


My goal is to LIVE freely, INSPIRE others, and FUEL my mind and my body.  


If you're interested in meeting me, letting me into your bubble and helping you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, help to keep you accountable, and learn some new recipes along the way, please contact me.  

Meet the Creative Team

Lonnie Gartner 

Assistant Editor Advice

My name is Trelawnie, I'm from Alberta, Canada. I'm a Reiki Master and Empowerment Coach.

I am a healer of moments and a Mother.

I am a fixer of other women's crowns, and an encourager of all souls. I am a catalyst. An energy shifter. A truth teller.

I offer advice and guidance with knowledge I've gained through courses, books and life experiences. I believe we all hold the key to our dreams.

I live life with an abundant amount of laughter, music and sarcasm.

If you have a question, are looking for some guidance or just need a little boost, I would love to hear from you!

We are here to help you to share your Story, Advertorial or Expertise with the all the fancy words, images, design and clarity that you need your submission to have.

We are in love with this idea; and it's our coming together that makes this magic possible.

Candice Smiley

Hi, I'm Candice Smiley and I take on the role of Editor-In-Chief for the online publication.

My bio goes something like this...

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life. (Elsie De Wolfe) This quote is my subtle mission in life...

I’m a mom to an amazing little girl, girlfriend to an amazing man, a social marketer with an amazing online values driven company, a thought leader (follow me on my instagram) and multi-entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people, to other people, places and things.

It's not about hustle, it's about heart. It's not about push, it's about attraction... and you don't attract what you want, you attract WHO YOU ARE.

I love speaking, writing, creating, traveling and connecting. A natural leader and disruptor, I have a passion for helping men and women to trust the niggle (trust themselves), tell the truth (boundaries are an amazing thing) and speak, even when their voice shakes. I'm a champion for the underdog, can't doesn't exist in my vocabulary and I believe that taking radical responsibility in my your life changes everything.

So choose brave. Choose you. Listen to the nudges from within and live... live here and now.


Much love,





Sometimes the “plot twists” of our lives become incredible new chapters in our lives. Transition can be a magical time in your life; if you have a Values Driven life - you can know what lines up, and what doesn’t! Ask me and I’ll share more or check out the links on my profile!

Stay in our strength zone, give from your highest point of contribution, and remember, collaboration is a magical word!

Susan Binnie Managing Editor

This is Susan. Susan is a storyteller and someone who helps others to tell their story. She brings her ability to coach in this way to the publication (and is here to help YOU in this way!). She offers great feedback and grounding to us all and we are so grateful she was willing to join in this venture

Susan Binnie is the founder of Powerful Women Unite. She is an international #1 bestselling author, Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach. Against all odds, she started her business in the end of 2016 and today speaks on several stages every month.

She helps women uncover their purpose and align it to what they do through the power of story. She also empowers women to take the word can’t out of the story they tell themselves keeping them stuck.

After helping one of Canada’s largest charities raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, Susan found her passion for storytelling and started her journey of changing the world one story at a time. Susan has empowered 1000’s of women to realize their vision and stand confidently in their spotlight. Women learn to stand in their power to identify what they want and empower themselves to live to their highest potential.

Susan is a guiding light and has a unique ability to hold space for others allowing their stories to flow through her to gain momentum and reflect back upon them, in what can only be described as a magical conduit.

Susan is married and has 4 children. She is also the proud grandmother to her 4 grandsons. The legacy she gets to leave behind is for the next generation to know that they CAN do anything they put their mind to!

Caitlin Banks

Customer Relations Manager

As Customer Relations Manager it is my goal to contribute to the magazine by interviewing guest contributors and to help bring other people’s stories to life. Department:  As an intern editor, I support the editing team to edit the submission for grammar and clarity. I also support the sales department.

Caitlin Banks is a young lady who is very intuitive and knows what brings her joy.  An old soul in a young body who deals with chronic pain but does not let that stop her from doing all the things that bring her joy. Her passion is singing and acting as she loves entertaining others and bringing happiness to their lives. She knows how hard it is to deal with pain and understands the value of a smile and how it can bring joy into the lives of others. 

Caitlin has recently become a business owner of YEGsanitizer with her boyfriend to help the community during the pandemic. She found a need in the marketplace and filled it. Following the World Health Organization standards, she produced a hand sanitizer that is currently in Safeway/Sobeys, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies, Quality Inn Hotel and other locations. Custom designs and personalized logos for the sanitizer have provided a great way to promote businesses during this time. Another important part of creating this business was to help give back to others in need. The decision was made to donate 10% of the profits to disease control research in hopes to end the pandemic sooner.

Caitlin stays true to herself by following her dreams and continues to help other people no matter what she is doing.