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Please feel free to ask me your question.  I will answer you honestly, even if I can't give you an answer, I reply to every message I receive.  If I choose to post your question and my answer in the next edition of the Create the Ripple Magazine we will not use your real name or any other details that might link you to the question.  I value  your privacy.  Our full disclaimer is at the bottom of this email; please be sure you read it before you send me your question.

Details on me, if you need... and you can always scroll down to the bottom of this letter to connect with me on messenger to chat.  

My name is Trelawnie and I'm a Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach, a healer of moments and a Mother.  I am a fixer of other women's crowns, and an encourager of all souls. I am a catalyst. An energy shifter. A truth teller.

I offer advice and guidance with knowledge I've gained through courses, books and life experiences. I believe we all hold the key to our dreams. 

If you have a question, are looking for some guidance or just need a little boost, I would love to hear from you! 

I see you, 

Trelawnie G
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"I have a gift for seeing what others miss. I offer the truth as I know it. I offer this from my own life experience and my intuition. I hope to inspire you to have courage to look at your life, to help you feel empowered to do what you already know you need to do and as you sift through my "advice" - you will find the answers to your own questions."

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