that will be my life."

-Elise De Wolfe

"I am going to make everything around me

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An online publication with one goal - to add value.

You can choose to use an advertorial to promote your business, sell your product or service, or to share a story of triumph, hope or healing; to talk about what you are passionate about (cause, product, thought, idea); or simply share to create impact.

The intentional community being created here is to inspire, promote or impact - (aka) add value.

The most unique thing about our publication is that we only ask you to pay:


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In turn, we commit to being honest and transparent about the cost to create, design, produce and promote the publication with you; as we grow, we will share those growth opportunities with you. A rising tide lifts all ships.

As you grow, we ask that you share that love and growth by your referrals or increased "value return" offering . Together, we will create an intentional referral community.

We even intend to give some of the profits to those who need it most in our city. We believe in a Go-Givers philosophy and that we Rise when we Lift others up.

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We Rise by Lifting Others


"I am going to make everything                 around me

that will be my life."

-Elise De Wolfe